Art by EBlanchard - Original Oils & Watercolors

"A work of art is above all
an adventure of the mind."

-Eugene Ionesco

The Work of Edna Blanchard

Edna Blanchard is an established, dedicated artist from Duluth, Minnesota. Her greatest strength is the ability to masterfully paint the changing landscapes of her home and travels. Each piece embodies a unique sense of surrounding with balance, grace, and emotion. Her paintings reflect beautiful subtleties in color, form, and composition. 

She passionately and constantly explores and expands her subject matter, medium and repertoire. Edna demonstrates versatility in form and content. Through watercolor, oil, acrylic, and collage, each painting embodies the sense of a true artist. Hopefully you will enjoy viewing her paintings as much as she enjoys creating them.

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If you'd like to learn more about Edna and her art—or to view / purchase a painting in person, feel free to contact her or visit her in her gallery during her regular hours.